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[EN] Get Noticed 2017 – Let’s start

Hello everyone. This is my first post in English on this blog. I decided to switch language and try to write in English for some reasons. I want to practice language skills and reach wider audience. This is my first post within Daj Się Poznać 2017 category or Get Noticed 2017.

What is Daj Się Poznać/Get Noticed? For those who don’t know, it’s a contest organised by Maciej Aniserowicz and it’s about developing open source project and writing posts about struggling with it or enjoying it 😉 Yes, there are few awards at the end, but it’s not the point. The aim of this contest is to learn, create something and write posts, to stay motivated to do something productive.

I took a part in previous edition of this contest and I decided to try this time also. It took some time since my last post, but now I hope there will be motivation to do it regularly.
I want to learn new technologies, so for my brand new open source project for this edition I will use ASP.NET Core and Angular2 CLI.

Ok, but what project is about? Let me describe it shortly.
It’s called ETP (Enjoy Life Planner). It will be an application for creating events, meetings to spend time nicely and meet new friends. I know you might laugh, but that’s ok 😀 It’s important to have fun during this project, learn new technologies and maybe create something usable. I would like to make posts that will be useful for me in the future, bu also for you My Dear Reader. You can start to learn along with me. C’mon!
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